Strong points of Quang Thien Imex S. A

QUANG THIEN IMEX S.A. maintains preferential partnership relations with its cooperatives. Our area of purchase covers all production areas in Côte d’Ivoire. Our suppliers include a valuable portfolio of farmers’ cooperatives. Our annual Cocoa beans, Coffee and Raw Cashew Nuts power is 35,000Mt.

Our purchase agents are dynamic, committed and respectful. They travel across all production areas to ensure effective supply.

The monitoring of production in farms, the counting of pods and the monitoring of the changes in climate condition help us to have accurate information regarding the different production and harvest stages.

Our factory is equipped with a physic-chemical laboratory where the quality of all the products nuts is tested. Besides, our experienced quality controllers rigorously control the products nuts before buying them from the farmers in the field. Only the product that is in compliance with the prescribed standards is cleared to enter the warehouse.